Dumb and Dumber

“I got worms”

Review by Lewis Goodall

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that”. A great quote from the greater George Carlin.

Dumb and Dumber, written and directed by Peter Farrelly, follows Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Llyod (Jim Carrey) as they trek halfway across America in search of Mary (Lauren Holly) to give back her forgotten briefcase.

There is no other film that does stupid comedy quite like this, and I don’t mean stupid comedy where its just poorly written, parody nonsense shite like scary movie 12 or how ever many there are. Im talking about comedy that is cleverly disguised as being stupid that it seems stupid but in reality…. its still stupid, but its perfect stupid.

Jeff and Jim play Harry and Llyod so incredibly incredibly incredibly stupid and its just perfect. You really feel as if you’re watching the two village idiots of two towns try and travel cross country. There’s just so many laugh out loud moments of pure stupidity that makes this film one of the most hilarious ever made and its mostly thanks to these two and their performances. No one can cool their mouths off with ketchup and mustard like these two. No one can pull off orange and blue tuxedos at an high end event like these two. No one can explode out their arse like Harry can and no one can make the most annoying sound in the world like Lloyd can.

One thing that I noticed which is something that kind of goes over my head but in this it sticks in my mind, its such a small detail but its something that you don’t see much but its the attention to the insignificant sound effects. This is such a weird topic for this film but I like to give appreciation to the small details. The sound effect In this film are great, to the point where you can hear him blow salt off the table, any other film you couldnt hear the salt brush off the table but in this you can. There’s many other examples and this is too long a paragraph for it but that’s something I liked so I’m gonna talk about it god damn it, I LIKED THE SOUND EFFECTS, SUE ME!!!

As well as sound effects, the sound MUSIC is also very very well picked. The music in the film is picked wonderfully to emphasise the mood in the film, especially the sad moments, another nice touch for the sound guys there, shouts outs to you.

P.s. only just realise they made an animeted series based on the film with Harry and Llyod getting up to other adventures. Never knew that, just thought I’d point that out.

Overall, for some reason I’ve talked more about sound than I have the comedy of this film but that’s because there’s not much to say other than the fact that it is just down right hilarious and It is Jim Carrey in his absolute prime. Its one of the best, hands down and I feel I have to end it in a really cliche manner but it works to perfect not to so I’m gonna do it, if you you’ve seen the film you’ll read it exactly as its said in the film….. I like it a LOT.

8 IOU’s out of 10

Withnail and I

“The carrot has mystery, flowers are essentially tarts, prostitutes for the bees”

Review by Lewis Goodall

You wanna see two city dwellers attempt to make it in the country, fumbling around, getting scared at everything natural and trying to cook a chicken? Well then that’s a real weird coincidence that you stumbled across this review then because this film is exactly that. How did you find this review? And why do you want to watch two people from the city try and cook a chicken? You know what, its not my place it judge, all I can say is that you have stumbled on the perfect film to fit your needs.

Withnail and I, directed and written by Bruce Robinson, takes us to 1969 Camden Town as we get a glimpse into the lives of two substance abusers/actors, Withnail (Richard E Grant) and I (Paul McGann). Both get entangled in the stressful lives of London and decide to take a trip to the country for an escape.

Its a nothing but everything film, a new genre I’ve just invented, for those films where nothing happens but you love every second. Sometimes you’ve just got to sit down to a film that focuses on character rather than the amount of explosions and tits it can fit on screen at once (that doesn’t mean stop making those sorts of films). Its good to be given a couple of posh boys not knowing what the hell they’re doing with writing that the equivalent of the edge of a door hitting you right in the funny bone.

Funny factor, lets fiddle that subject for a moment because man oh man did this film made me laugh. I’m becoming pretty desensitised to comedy where not many shows or films make me laugh anymore, so its great to be handed this on a silver platter. It was mainly a talking film so it was just the random nonsense that would come out of the characters mouth and then the other reacting, that’s mainly it, but it was done to such a fine art that a lot of it was a home run. Its one of those cult films that you know are infinitely quoted by the fans on a day to day basis and I can understand why.

All the other aspects are great, its one of this very independent films so it doesn’t strive for anything flashy but with a script that it has it really doesn’t need to focus on anything other than the writing, all of its punch lies within that.

Overall this is a British film at its best. Its that dry comedy that I feel only the British have off to a fine art. Its an easy watch, apart from maybe one scene that was pretty uncomfortable but funny at the same time. You know that uncomfortable funny, sort of like when… I actually can’t think of any example other than whats in this film, there you go, its a one off film too.

8 Carrier Bag Shoes out of 10

Guest House Paradiso

“Have fun, don’t go in the water if you know what’s good for you and try not to get shit on the sheets”

Review by Lewis Goodall

If you grew up in the UK then you grew up with UK comedy, lucky you. If you grew up with 90’s comedy then you’re even luckier. If you grew up with watching Bottom then you’re the luckiest of them all. If you haven’t seen Bottom then I pity you because you haven’t truly experienced comedy in its purest, dumbest form. If you have and you haven’t seen Guest House Paradiso, then you’re in luck my friend because you have an new hour and a half episode waiting for you.

Guest House Paradiso, Directed by Adrian Edmondson, teleports you to the cheapest hotel in Britain, run by Eddie Ndingombaba (Adrian Edmondson) and Richard Twat (Rik Mayall). If you’re not sold on this movie so far then you’re lost to me. The two attempt to run the hotel but it are obstructed when guests turn up.

If you haven’t dabbled in Bottom then I seriously suggest it (the show, not pegging). The 90’s sitcom has roughly the same premise of two delinquents living on the breadline and finding the most ridiculous scenarios to get them through the day. Its honestly my favourite comedy show ever written and having a new, hour and a half episode with Guest House Paradiso, you bet your arse I went balls deep (again, not pegging).

What makes the duo great of Eddie and Richard is mainly the slapstick comedy dynamic they have. Its always over the top, cartoon violence and these two have it down, they’re the masters of it. Throwing each other through windows, slamming each others heads into fridges, you name it. Its never not funny when it comes to physical humour and these two are the pioneers, they’re the Lewis and Clark of discovering new ways to cripple eachother in the most hilarious way. They’re real life looney tunes which is probably why I love it so much.

If you know the dynamic of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, you know that they focus more on the comedy rather than the story. The story itself is just so bizarre and won’t change your perception on reality but that’s not what its about, its just all about the constant flurry of jokes being shot right at you, and that’s perfectly fine by me.

Overall this is not a perfect film, but it is a perfect Bottom film. It has everything you could want from these two and a bit more. You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen Rik Mayall in red, spiky latex lingerie.

7.5 Big Chef Hats out of 10

Team America

“I promise, I will never die”

Review by Lewis Goodall

This is just one of those films I feel like everyone has already seen already, not quite sure as to why I’m writing this at all, I’m just wasting my own time. You’ve already seen it so why are you reading this? Go enjoy yourself, you don’t need to know my opinion on puppets having sex. You’re still here?

Team America, directed by Trey Parker, is a story that’s so American it makes me want to live in a trailer, eat oversized food, shoot innocent people and fly that ol red, white and blue. Gary, the best actor in the world, is hired by Team America, an anti terrorist defence force, to infiltrate the terrorists and gain information about any upcoming attacks. When the team anger the mastermind behind the terrorists, a plan is created to destroy everything, world and all. 9/11 times a thousand.

This film is one of the most ridiculous, stupidest, funniest films there possibly is and I honestly do not think anything will come close to this. With media getting censored nowadays because somebody’s feelings gets hurt, we’re not gonna get films like this anymore because people are scared to offend. This film has all the stereotypes you can possibly fit into one film and it is incredible.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have brains that I would be scared to explore. In case you’re not aware, they write South Park too so that should show you enough as to what this film is like. If you haven’t seen south park either than you’re clearly Christian and have been told that TV is a creation of the devil. Both of them know how to write stupid comedy down to a tee. Its stupid but at the same time It is perfect satire. Team America is just such a nod at how stupid and over the top America is, especially when it comes to its defence. The fact that in the first 5 minutes of this film, Team America attempt to stop a terrorist in Paris but In the process of stopping them, actually just blow the whole city up, doing more damage than the terrorist ever would and still claiming it as a victory. It’s perfect.

This film is made with puppets which makes this film timeless because it still looks great today and honestly the puppeteering and set design in this film is incredible. Each puppet clearly has so much effort put into each one which really gets you immersed. Having a puppet have better facial expressions that most actors is an impressive feat. There are perfect moments where the puppeteering are done badly to add to the joke and it’s just all done so well. Especially the sex scene, that’s golden.

Overall this film is just one of my favourites. Its endlessly quotable, I watched it when I was younger and I loved it for its stupidity, but as I get older I fall more in love with it because of its genius. The over the top themes and the god damn soundtrack, that soundtrack is absolutely hilarious and can pass as real songs. The film will make me laugh over and over again and are you still reading this? I thought I said at the beginning that there wasn’t a point because you’ve already seen this film right? Everyone has…. right? If you haven’t seen it then you know someone who has, and that someone is way cooler than you.

8 Matt Damons out of 10

Extra Ordinary

“Do you ever have nightmares after eating cheese? You might’ve eaten a ghost”

Review by Lewis Goodall

With all these films about ghosts now, how can we deny that they exist, they’re everywhere. A ghost could be watching you right this second and you wouldn’t know, they watch you when you sleep, they haunt your house, they haunt every thing in your house. They haunt your cheese, you’ve eaten ghost cheese and you don’t even know it, open your eyes!!

Extra Ordinary, directed by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman, follows Rose (Maeve Higgins), a ditsy driving instructor who also has the gift to chitter chatter with the dead!! She uses her talent to help save Martin’s (Barry Ward) daughter from a washed up rock star who’s using a satanic ritual to reignite his fame.

“Extra Ordinary” from Kino Lorber films

I think the UK has a certain charm to their small budget comedy films, especially when they’re about ghosts. This is just one of those perfect quirky, easy watching films when you’re looking to stick something on for a quick laugh, and lemme tell ya, this certain has them. There were a few moments that made me rewind it so I can enjoy the joke again. Even with a super simplistic storyline, this films manages to keep your attention with the gags.

Maeve and Barry both play an awkward duo perfectly. They’re Equally as strange so they bounced off each other well. This matched with some great parody writing made for an all round enjoyable experience. It didn’t break any barriers in terms of blowing my scalp off with some amazing cinematic scenes but like I said earlier, it’s a perfect easy watch.

Overall this film felt very much like a wannabe Edgar Wright film but that’s in no way a diss. The editing was great and added to the jokes which was great to see finally considering Hollywood don’t know how to use the camera to enhance a joke, take note from the Irish.

7 Ectoplasm Jars out of 10

The Jerk


Review by Lewis Goodall

The Jerk, starring Steve Martin as the lovable goof Navin R Johnson, is adopted by a Black family but doesn’t feel like he fits in. Having this overwhelming feeling of not being complete, he sets off on an adventure to discover a part of him that is missing.

Everyone loves well crafted comedy, a serious story but with stupid comedy laced within. But every now and then you have to sit down to a film with a stupid story line with stupid comedy. It’s good for the soul, it’s as important as one of your five a day doctors say. Steve Martin delivers a fantastically goofy comedy with The Jerk. The story itself seems pretty straight forward from the way I described it but there are so many bits in this film that are just so crazy that sometimes you wonder what the hell is going on. From a random assassin chasing Navin to him guessing peoples weight at the circus, this adventure takes you from one wacky sequence to another, it’s just so random you can’t help but laugh.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that this is the original stupid comedy and you can certainly tell that it paved the way from future classics like Dumb and Dumber. I think it’s a film that would be funnier the second time round because I’ve been watching scenes back again and laughing more the second time round. Watching Steve try and dance along to music with no rhythm is a sight that plays over and over again in my head, if it seems like I’m miles away and not listening to what you’re saying, just know I’ve probably got that little Steve Martin dancing away in my head.

This film very clearly takes Inspiration from classic black and whites comedy films. As a huge lover of old school comedies, I could spot the similarities instantly. Having a random singing scene between the love interests or a sped up chase scene is very old school which I very much enjoyed. It was a great blend between old and new comedy.

Overall this is a comedy, yes it certainly is and a great one at that. It’s one of those Sunday afternoon films to watch and have a good belly laugh. Its very wholesome actually, that’s what I’d say about this film, it’s a light, easy watch, like Philadelphia cream cheese for the eyes.

7 Opti-Grips out of 10

The Peanut Butter Falcon


Review by Lewis Goodall

I think there should be more down syndrome people in wrestling. Without context that sentence must seem pretty strange but it’s the truth, I just think it would make the sport a more interesting sport to watch. Their unbelievable strength means they will be able to throw people further…… I wrote the rest of this part but Lily and I both deemed it too offensive so i’m cutting it short. Even writing this part i’m trying to not compare having the extra content to having an extra chromosome so i’m just going to stop here. On with the review.

The Peanut Butter Falcon, directed by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, is the inspirational story of Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a man with down syndrome who has been abandoned and left to be looked after by Eleanor (Dakota Johnson), a volunteer at a retirement home. Zak escapes the nursing home to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. During his escape, he crosses paths with Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), a criminal who is also on the run. Together they help each other become the people they want to be.

If you’re looking for a feel good film then watch this instantly. I personally love stories that include two completely different characters that bond over a journey. Pretty typical I know but done well, it can’t be beat. Growing alongside these characters along their journey is great, especially when you have connection that Zak and Tyler have. Both of them play their parts incredibly well, especially Zack considering this is his debut film. We’ve seen it portrayed before but having someone with down syndrome play someone with down syndrome really sold it. Zack is lovable and his passion for his dream of becoming a professional wrestler is inspiring. Having Tyler along the road, encouraging him and being the father figure makes it all that much better.

As he does escape the nursing home, Eleanor sets off on a goose chase to try and get him back. The aspect of people treating Zak like a child is pretty much on the forefront of the story, it’s not so much about the wrestling but more about treating Zak as a normal person which he is. Stop babysitting people with down syndrome, if they want to wrestle, let them wrestle, just don’t let them hold rabbits. The wrestling is of course a big part of the movie too, the driving force for both the protagonists. The story itself is packed super nicely to gradually help build the relationship between Zak and Tyler. Although feeling like a pretty cliche feel good film, it’s very much on the tip top of that ladder, you wont get much better than this. It’s a film that literally anyone can pick up and enjoy. You just can’t help but have a smile on your face throughout the whole film. I guess because this film is such a crowd pleasure, it doesn’t really take any risks in terms of story or character but st the same time that’s not its intended purpose, its here for you to go on an adventure.

Overall I cant really pick just one word to describe it because it’s heartwarming, inspiring, cute, sweet, pure, wholesome, all those nice words package into one 22 year old down syndrome man.

7.5 Cardboard Falcons out of 10

The Greasy Strangler

“I usually shot around 6 ropes of cum, and then dribble a bit of the clear stuff”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Tell a monkey to read Shakespeare and to understand it, I dont think it would be able to. Tell an antivax mum to read facts about vaccines and understand it, I dont think they would. Tell any human on Earth to watch the Greasy Stranlger and understand what was going through Jim Hoskings mind when he directed it, there is no chance they would be able to.

From what I managed to get from this film, the Greasy Strangler is about a father son duo who run their own disco walking tour. They go to different places showing the tourist all the hot spots for moments in disco history. When a girl joins one of their tours, the two battle it out to win her affection. Also theres a greasy strangler going around killing people.

This film is bizarre, this film is sickening, this film unlike anything I’ve seen before… and I loved it. THIS FILM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!! Putting it out there now. This is as niche as it gets, this isnt a happy sunday afternoon, stick on a film with the family kind of film. This is the sort of film you watch on your own and dont show anyone because they might think you’re a freak even for watching it.

I’ve watched a Jim Hoskings film before, ‘An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn’ and that was also bizarre but not like this. He certainly has a style of filmmaking which is hard to decipher whether is satirical or not. His films are purposely made to appear awkward (I hope), and that especially is through the actors. So the father son duo, the father is Big Ronnie (Michael St Michael’s ( powerful name)) and the son is Big Brayden (Sky Elobar). Both of them have the strangest father son connection I’ve seen in films and person. They both constantly call eachother ‘Bullshit Artists’ but clearly both love eachother. They walk around the house in the smallest, glittery speedos ever and they’re not ashamed about having their cocks out (which I’ll tall about more in a moment). Just the pair of them are so bizarre, especially when Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo) gets thrown in the mix. These three make for a disgusting love triangle of sex and grease, it feels nasty writing it so imagine watching it.

The three of them are great at playing awful characters and the stuff they get up to does make for some seriously hilarious moments. I guess it ventures into the ‘so weird it’s funny’ category because some of it is just so strange but had me rolling. As mentioned earlier, they are afraid to have their cocks out, so when the films starts and the first thing you see is the son take his dad a cup of coffee in bed and the dad has an erection, its bizarre. Or later on when the dad while randomly flips onto his back and farts at his son, it’s weird, but weirdly funny. A few times I found myself rewinding parts because I was laughing so much. It was honestly such a ride that I couldnt help but love (although ashamed to admit that). Sometimes, but rarely the comedy does get a bit tedious, only a couple of moments where they drag a joke along for a while but honestly it didnt stunt my enjoyment.

Visually this film is just an assault on the eyes, theres so many moments where you’re just stunned at what you’re watching. Theres some costumes in this film that I honestly cant get out my head and make me laugh everytime I think of them. The weirdness of the story is great in a way, theres a few moments that go a bit too far in terms of weirdness, especially the end but it doesnt out of place because of the previous 85 minutes.

Overall this film needs to be taken for face value. It’s not meant to be a great film, it’s just an enjoyable wtf trip. The humour is childish but also incredible at the same time. The absurdity of the film means it’s hard to talk about individual moments because my brain is still trying to process it.

7.5 Paprika Ridged Porto Chips out of 10

Jojo Rabbit

“I’m think you’ll find that metal is the strongest thing on Earth followed by dynamite and then muscles”

Review by Lily Taylor

Firstly I’d like to congratulate the genius that is Taika Waititi for winning the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and state publicly that I believe Scarlett Johansson was robbed of the award for Best Supporting Actress- in the words of Tony Harrison, it’s an outrage.

On paper, a comedy about a member of the Hitler Youth in World War II Germany is a bit of a gamble, it’s not really renowned as a humorous event in world history and definitely has the power to offend a lot of people. However, I adored this film. When I saw it in the cinema I had one of those rare moments when the end credits start to roll and you know you could quite happily rewind and watch the entire film all over again straight away. I can count the number of times this has happened to me on my fingers so I can assure you it’s not a routine occurrence and a film really does need star quality to inspire such a reaction; Jojo Rabbit has exactly that, star quality.

Roman Griffin Davis plays ten year old Jojo Betzler, avid member of the Hitler Youth, Son to mother Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) and possessor of a loveable imaginary friend by the name of Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi). Jojo is fiercely supportive of his friend Hitler and throws himself literally feet first into a Hitler Youth camp run by Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell) alongside his portly friend Yorki (Archie Yates). Jojo discovers an intruder in his home, a young Jewish girl called Elsa (Thomasin McKenzie) who used to be in the same class at school as his late sister, Inge. Jojo agreed not to reveal Elsa’s location to the Gestapo as long as she reveals ‘Jew secrets’ to him so that he can write a book about their mind-reading powers and terrifying horns. Jojo’s mother Rosie looks after Elsa and secretly distributes anti-war posters around the town. Jojo and Elsa develop a friendship and end up surviving until the end of the war together.

Can we please talk about Scarlett Johansson in this film? Her character is so endearing and so loveable, there’s a fantastic scene in which she swipes coal across her chin and pretends to be Jojo’s father. It’s so refreshing to see vibrant fashion in 1940’s Germany instead of the sepia toned, miserable clothing that’s usually depicted. It gives a lightness to her character and we come to recognise her trademark red and white shoes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, she deserved to win the Oscar!

I have to give credit to writer and director Taika Waititi because Jojo Rabbit treads a virtually invisible line between tragedy and comedy. Somehow the chemistry behind this film marries together the best and worst parts of human character. I laughed and I very nearly cried watching it, Roman Griffin Davis is a brilliant young actor and his relationship with his mother is so emotive, I challenge any of you not to feel moved in watching it. I urge you to see this film, it occupies a totally unique niche in movie history, somewhere that nobody else has quite been before.

I would give Jojo Rabbit a whopping 10 Hilter’s in swim caps out of 10.

P.S. Jojo Rabbit is based on Caging Skies by Christine Leunens which I totally recommend.

Dolemite Is My Name

“You know what we should have? An all girl kung fu army!”

Review by Lily Taylor

‘Dolemite Is My Name’ is actually a biographical comedy based on the life of 70’s badass Rudy Ray Moore who starred in the original 1975 film ‘Dolemite’ and what better actor to play him than the hilarious Eddie Murphy. The film begins with Rudy Ray working in a record store by day and a music club by night and searching for his big break in 70’s LA. Inspired by the drunken stories of an old homeless man, Moore comes up with the character of Dolemite; a lewd, crude pimp who performs obscene comedy for public amusement. After some success with his comedy records, Rudy Ray decides to gamble his royalties and fund ‘Dolemite’ the movie, starring himself of course.

Eddie Murphy is comedy gold in this movie, he is brash and vulgar as Dolemite but a savvy, hustler with a dream as Rudy Ray. He is so likeable as Rudy, his unshakeable self belief is so endearing and watching a man with no formal training attempt to make a kung fu movie is almost slapstick. His character is complimented by some great supporting roles. Keegan-Michael Key writes the screenplay for dolemite and is a surprisingly sophisticated character compared to the rest of the gang. Wesley Snipes and Da’Vine Joy Randolph play Eddie Murphy’s costars in their homemade movie and bring their own unique comedic take to it. Not to mention a cameo from Snoop Dogg as Moore’s colleague, a record store DJ.

The only thing I liked more than the comedy in this movie was the groovy 70’s soundtrack. It was so immersive, it oozes 1970’s Hollywood and I laughed all the way through. Although quite clearly a comedy, the characters still felt fleshed out and multi dimensional. Lady Reed, played by Randolph, is a single mum and a plus size lady who never thought a woman like her would end up on the big screen. Individual storylines like that running alongside Dolemite’s rise to fame add depth to the comedy. It’s a feel good movie too, I really wanted this obscene, kung fu movie to succeed and I was left wanting to watch the original 1975 version of Dolemite!

I would give ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ 8 Extra Sides of Greens out of 10.