The Addams Family (2019)

“It’s hideous! It’s horrible! It’s home!”

Review by Lily Taylor

This 2019 animated version of The Addams Family includes all the same quirky and macabre characters created by Charles Addams, only this time they’re animated. As a modern spin on the classic, Gomez (Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (Charlize Theron) decide to move to New Jersey and take up residence in a delightful abandoned asylum for the criminally insane, the perfect place to start a family right? Fast forward 13 years and welcome Wednesday (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard) into the family, plus Lurch the creepy yet hardworking butler and of course Thing, the anthropomorphised hand. The Addams’ clash with local reality TV personality Margaux Needler (Allison Janney) who is committed to rid the town of the morbid family and create the perfect community, she is willing to do whatever it takes to have complete control.

One thing I think is really important to stress here: this is a kids movie. It’s only 86 minutes long and the plot is very, and I mean very, easy to follow. Being a kids film it is a little predictable but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for black comedy and the occasional adult joke slipped in. An example of this is when Thing, the hand, is seen sneakily checking out pictures of feet on the internet. I think it’s a wonderful thing when a children’s film manages to engineer adult jokes that fly straight over a child’s head, keeps everyone entertained. The Addams Family appears to have received a very lukewarm reception and I attribute that largely to people’s love of the original, it’s certainly a tough act to follow and live up to. However, I think the film is more enjoyable if you take it as a stand alone production rather than comparing it to the OG movies.

I thought the casting was generally pretty fantastic, lots of big names and unique voices. Aside from those I’ve already mentioned, the movie also features the hilarious Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester, Bette Midler as grandma and even Snoop Dogg as Cousin It, who arrives in a low rider blasting Snoop Dogg’s music. Not all the voices were amazing, controversially I actually found Charlize Theron a bit grating and Finn Wolfhard was potentially just a bit too cheery to be an Addams.

The animation was very satisfying, the animated hair was spot on. I don’t think the simplistic plot matters half as much if you allow yourself to indulge in the animation style. Near the start of the film Morticia is preparing for her wedding and uses her parents ashes as makeup, she applies her mother’s ashes as eyeshadow and the animation is next level, I was totally captivated.

I’ve said a lot of positive things about this film and I almost feel a need to defend it slightly due to it’s distinctly average reviews. I’m not saying it’s anywhere near a perfect 10 or that it’s in any way an improvement on the original Addams Family movies but if you give it a chance it’s absolutely a very watchable and even enjoyable film.

I would give The Addams Family 7 reverse poopers out of 10.


“Amoebas don’t make motorcycles and atomic bombs!”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I’ve never understood anime. I’ve tried it, it’s just something I cant really get my head around. I mean I totally understand what it is and what’s happening within the anime, what I cant get my head around is the people who are absolutely obsessed, maybe that’s it, i just don’t get the culture behind it. I get that people like it but I guess I haven’t found mine, I’m more of a looney tunes man myself but in always keen to learn hence why today were looking at.

Akira, directed by Katsuhiro Ôtomo (the author of the manga), is a 1988 anime based in Neo-Tokyo. We follow Kaneda and his biker gang as they patrol the streets. When one member is corrupted by a secret military and turned into a supervillain, it’s up to the biker gang and a group of psychics children to stop what has been created.

If that sounds like a weird story line then you definitely aren’t into anime. This is an easy Tuesday kind of story compared to some of the others I’ve heard about. The story itself is great when you’re watching it and piecing it together whilst watching it is great although it’s not what I expected at all. Going into this I thought it was just a cyberpunk setting that follows rival biker gangs which in my books sounds perfect. Not so much the biker gang stuff but the cyberpunk setting for sure. If I could teleport into a fictional world then it would be in one like this, like Bladerunner. The beginning of this film is very much like that, just focusing on the gangs but then it becomes more about the secret military and the corruption of this member which starts to get weird. Which I have looked into and apparently this film is based off the very beginning and the very end of the manga, hence why the film kind of flips halfway through.

I should mention that this gang is made up of kids basically, they’re like 15/16 years old. Writing that actually that’s not really an important thing to mention, just something I wasn’t expecting. I guess just this whole film wasn’t what I was expecting. The world and the music particularly blew my expectations out of the water, I fell in love with where they were and the music back dropping their surroundings. I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t inspired by Bladerunner.

I liked a lot of this film, but there’s that anime aspect, I just cant put my finger on it. I normally don’t like the animation of anime but I did actually enjoy this film because nothing was stupidly exaggerated to make it funny. A characters reaction when it’s over the top just completely derails any tension so I’m glad this film didn’t go the same route. There’s still that something that doesn’t sit right with me about it. I’d say it was the complicated story lines but it’s not that because I love complicated story lines when they’re complex and well thought through which this is. I just cant put my finger on it… maybe I’m racist? I certainly would watch mountains of this style of anime over the modern anime they pump out now. Maybe that’s it, i’m just a fan of good anime and not the type nowadays where people randomly turn into cats to satisfy those people who hug a waifu pillow at night.

Overall I did enjoy this film. It’s one that I would definitely watch it again. If you’re one of those uwu anime lovers I think you would get more out of this but if you’re looking for that bit of anime to get you into it then I’d look no further than Akira. Great visuals, great music, fight scenes, psychic toddlers, what more could you want?

7.5 Freddy Fazbears out of 10

I lost my body

“Once you’ve dribbled past fate, what do you do?”

Review by Lily Taylor

‘I Lost My Body’ is a French animation released in 2019, it is an Oscar nominee and winner of the Nespresso Grand Prize at Cannes; controversially, I thought it missed the mark. The film follows a young man by the name of Naoufel, an extremely unskilled pizza delivery boy who feels a little lost in life following a move to Paris after his parents’ death. After distracting his father at the wheel he was the soul survivor of the resulting car crash and has moved to France to live with his uncle and cousin; both of whom are wholly unpleasant.

Whilst working as a pizza delivery man, albeit one who is constantly late and definitely making a loss, Naoufel speaks to a young customer, Gabrielle, over her apartment’s intercom system. He becomes borderline obsessed with her following their philosophical intercom musings about the world and the rain outside and begins to pursue her company. He embarks on an apprenticeship with her uncle, Gigi, in his carpentry and what ensues could be described partly as a coming of age story and partly as an origin story for the real star of the movie, a severed hand.

The story of the severed hand who (you guessed it), has lost his body and the story of Naoufel and Gabrielle run simultaneously. This fantastically anthropomorphic hand begins a journey to reunite with its body. Along the way it takes on Le Metro, a gang of vicious Parisian street rats and an extremely busy motorway using more ingenuity and spirit than Naoufel displays during the entire film. I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty bias towards the personified hand and not a huge Naoufel supporter by now.

It’s a marmite kind of film and I’m sticking to the middle ground on this one, strictly neutral, the Switzerland of film reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it by a long shot but by the same token, I didnt love it either, I suppose I would say I mildly recommend it. It has redeeming features for sure, the main one being a damn good soundtrack, the low-fi blade runner-esque beats possibly being better than the movie itself. I also have to give the animation style some credit, it was honestly what inspired me to watch the film in the first place and it’s absolutely a uniquely textured animation. The hand was particularly well animated, it felt so human that I connected with its journey more than that of the main characters.

‘I Lost My Body’ is a classic case of style over substance for me, although I know a large proportion of the internet may disagree. Maybe I’m uncultured or too emotionally underdeveloped to get it but I just really did not get it! I found the relationship between Naoufel and Gabrielle completely lacking in substance and I didnt really find him to be likeable at all. A lot of indulgent flashbacks were used to tell the audience what we realistically already knew and the plot was very lethargic with an undefined end message. If they make a sequel specifically about the anthropomorphic hand then I’m in!

I would give ‘I Lost My Body’ 5 Squashed Neopolitan Pizzas out of 10.

Missing Link

“We mugged a nun”

Review by Lily Taylor

I love Laika, the stop-motion animation studio that brought us Kubo And The Two Strings and Coraline; so you can probably see why I had high hopes for Missing Link. A charismatic Hugh Jackman voices intrepid explorer Sir Lionel Frost who embarks on a quest to find the elusive Sasquatch (Zach Galifianakis) in order to secure his spot in the ‘society of great men’. When Sir Lionel finds the Sasquatch, aptly named Mr Link, he expresses sadness at being the last of his kind and enlists the explorers help in finding his yeti cousins.

Mr Link (aka Susan by this point) and Sir Lionel are joined on their adventure by old flame Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana) who provides the essential map to the Himalayas. The team are also being followed by a devious bounty hunter employed by the ‘society of great men’ to prevent Frost from finding Mr Link and winning himself a seat in their club. Eventually the trio reach the yeti colony in the Himalayas but Mr Link is rejected by his yeti cousins and their Queen (Emma Thompson) tries to imprison the intruders.

On paper this film should be really great: Laika animation, great cast, a twisty turny plot but it just sort of missed the mark for me. The humour was a bit thinly spread and I found myself feeling almost bored during the film. The animation was still visually appealing but the whole package just didn’t live up to the likes of Coraline and Kubo. There were discreet jokes that I enjoyed, in one scene the bartender has ‘cash only’ knuckle tattoos which tickled me, but overall I wasn’t hooked. Missing Link has charm and some wonderful voice actors, Stephen Fry in particular is one of my favourites, and it’s not a bad film but it definitely fell short of my expectations.

I would give Missing Link 6 Head Chickens out of 10.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

“Welcome to the apocalypse, Mr Squidward, I hope you like leather”

Review by Lewis Goodall

When I was younger I was a HUGE fan of spongebob, that was my show, I feel like everyone had that one show as a kid and that was certainly mine. I hail the magic conch, I know the words to the ‘Fun’ song and I cry every time the penny sings. The show was great and the first film was great… as for this film, I can honestly say I have never watched a film as ridiculous and nonsensical in all my life… and it was great.

Sponge out fo water has the usual cast of Spongebob, Patrick, Mr Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, going about their day to day business when Plankton launches a massive attack to steal the crabby patty formula (the secret recipe to a burger if you’re unaware). Whilst plankton attempts to steal the formula, the glass bottle with the recipe inside disappears right in front of everyone. Spongebob and Plankton then go on a quest to find the missing formula.

I’ll say now, this is going to be a short review, there is too much to talk about with this film and watching it honestly knackered me out. There is just so much to it, if you went for a wee and came back to it without pausing, I can guarantee you would have no idea what was happening. The moment the formula is stolen and the town realises they cant have Krabby Patties, the town turns into a mad max style, apocalyptic wreck and everyone is wearing gimp suits! There is just so much happening it’s insane. Theres that whole moment, there a part where they create a time machine and travel forward in time where they make friend with a magical dolphin. Plankton travels inside Spongbobs head where it’s essentially Toon Town from who framed roger rabbit. The whole film is just mental.

Being a big fan of Spongebob I feel like I am biased and I know people wouldn’t enjoy it but for me, it was just so random that I found it hilarious because you just could not expect what was coming round the next corner. One part even had me cry laughing which is rare for me. It’s just crazy, there’s 6 people who wrote this film and it’s no wonder that it is all over the place, I reckon it was like a game of Chinese whispers but with the script, but the difference here is that the writer couldn’t see what the precious person has written, so they guessed. Saying that some of the writing I find is actually genius and super funny, its just lost in the mess

Overall, honestly there’s no words that can describe this film, I thought ‘Requiem for a Dream’ did a fantastic job of showing the effects of drug taking but this film makes you feel like you’ve taken the drug. They also got Antonio Bandares to play a pirate, it just doesn’t end for this film! The fact there is another one coming out this year that looks exactly the same has me excited but has my brain scared as I feel it will melt if it has to process another hysterical mess like this.

7 Shining Lollipop Twins out of 10

The Grinch (2018)

“Dashing through the snow, in a one dog open sleigh, one more house to go and Christmas goes away”

Review by Lewis Goodall

This is a controversial one right from the off because we all love the original Grinch and for most of the population Jim Carrey’s hairy, green, holiday cheermeister is the epitome of Christmas spirit. I love the original Grinch as much as anybody but the 2018 animated remake has potential to be a festive favourite in its own right… at least I think so.

Obviously the OG Grinch is a hard act to follow for the animated comedy starring Bumblefoot Crumplepant, you all know who I mean. I won’t bore you with the story because it’s one we all know and it really hasn’t changed too much from it’s live-action counterpart, save for the addition of a few extra characters. As usual The Grinch is a relatable recluse with his emotional binge eating, coffee addiction, cosy leather Chelsea boots and haunting organ solos- he’s clearly a very talented musician. Crumplepat voices him well and The Grinch and his lovely canine sidekick Max team up with an overweight reindeer by the name of Frank, who has a hairstyle oddly reminiscent of my mother. Kenan Thompson (of our beloved Kenan & Kel) voices Grinchies jolly neighbour Bricklebaum who dyes his hair with ‘chocolate explosion’ and has a gremlin of a dog called Mabel. The cast is rounded off with Rasheda Jones voicing Cindy Lou Who’s mother and Cameron Seely as the tiny, tyrant Cindy herself.

My favourite scene involved some sinister carollers with a West Side Story vibe as they come clicking and snapping out of the shadows to a menacing chorus of ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’. As expected, The Grinch does indeed steal Christmas, although for a man who despises the festive season he sure uses a lot of Christmas themed heist supplies. The film has the kooky feeling you expect from Dr Seuss and with The Grinch’s heart growing three sizes by the end, it’s impossible not to have your heart warmed.

The 2018 Grinch remake had a mixed reception because we are all so attached to the original but overall the animation is not a bad film at all. It’s stuffed full of Christmas cheer and is beautifully animated with a cracking score from Danny Elfman. The Grinch is not the same Jim Carrey version that we all adore but that doesn’t mean Bumperdish Cummerbund’s character doesn’t have his own appeal. The only thing I would have liked to see is a bit more new material and not such a carbon copy of the storyline. My heart still belongs to Jim Carrey’s Grinch but this is a pretty good second.

I would give The Grinch 7 candy cane grappling hooks out of 10.

Frozen 2

“I believe in you, Elsa. More than anyone and anything”

Review by Lewis Goodall

As you’d expect, Frozen 2 carry’s on from the events of the first film. If you haven’t seen the first one then I might spoil it so sorry but not sorry, you’ve had 6 years to watch it. Don’t even know why you’d be reading this if you haven’t seen the first one but I’m not to judge.

Elsa and Anna (Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell) are slightly older, but we actually start with a flashback to when they were younglings. Their father tells them the tale of an enchanted forest, ruled by 4 magic spirits. The spirits consist of fire, earth, water and wind. A tribe lived in the forest when a war breaks loose between the tribe and the people of Arendelle (where the gals live). The war angered the spirits and the forest locked itself away to the outside world. Cut back to present day, Elsa starts hearing a call and follows it with her singing. Believing the call to be good, she awakens the spirits of the forest which actually puts the town of Arendelle in danger. The gang from the first film then travel to the forest to calm it down and save Arendelle.

Once again, Elsa has proven that she isn’t fit to have the powers that she does, like come on!! Really? You didn’t learn from the first film that you need to be careful with your powers?! Do something small with it like making ice sculptures for kids parties or be on standby in a subway and if someone wants ice in their drink then you twiddle your fingers above it like an ice dispenser. Anna certainly seems to be the most sensible out of the two so give her the powers instead (saying that, she nearly married a guy after knowing him for one day so maybe neither of then deserve the powers, give it to Sven instead). So although Elsa is up to her old, let’s mess things up tricks, the gang tags along to help her clean up her mess. Once again we have the lovable Olaf who just as much as a comic relief as in the first one. We also have Kristoff and Sven who are important for about half the film and seem to be a second thought after the story starts to focus on just Elsa and Anna because this story is certainly driven towards sisterly love.

I certainly felt as though they aimed towards having a more intricate and fleshed out story compared to the first film. Something I said about the first film is that it was original but felt very empty. The second seems to of flipped this formula and opted for a more general story whilst at the same time putting a lot more heart into it to make the world seem more alive which I honestly preferred. Just every aspect had more love put into it, it seemed (apart from the music but ill get to that). Obviously this film is 6 years older but the animation is way more crisp and stunning as the first. I also felt that the characters are more fleshed out and have more purpose in this film than the first. Everyone seems to go through more of a learning curve so everything felt a bit more fulfilling than how they were in the first film. Lewis seal of approval.

The story itself was great with following the team to calm down each spirit of the forest. Each spirit being as diverse as the next, one in particular is definitely a cash grab for Disney as the fire spirit is actually a really small, cute lizard that they’ll definitely be making toys of in the near future. So the calming of the spirits was great, there was a side story following Kristoff and Sven which was interesting until the end when they kind of just wrote in a really quick end to tie the final knot. The whole film, Kristoff is gearing up the propose to Anna and the story has a couple of songs dedicated to it. I’m not going to spoil how it ends, even though it’s a Disney film, I’m sure you can guess how it ends, but the way it’s written is fairly poor compared to the rest of the film so it felt very much like a last minute thought.

Now…… Arguably what made the first Frozen film so popular was the soundtrack and let’s not lie to ourselves, the first film had a banger of a soundtrack. Love is an open door, do you want to build a snowman?, let it go. All of them and the rest are great songs so naturally I prepared myself for another set of tunes I can blast in the car on the way to school. I’m gonna be blunt, apart from 2 songs, the soundtrack kind of sucked. It seems they put more effort into the story this time instead of the songs, the whole film has flipped from the first. There is one song called ‘into the unknown’ which is a song I have been blasting in my ears ever since I watched the film. My god that is a great song and all a credit to Mrs Menzel for singing the part beautifully. The other song is a Kristoff song which I cant remember the name of now and I cant be bothered to look, but in the film the song is done like an 80’s love Ballard and it is perfect, I was laughing the whole way through.

Overall I feel as though I enjoyed this film just as much as the first but for completely different reasons. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, I felt as though they flipped everything from the first, this time they put more time into the story rather than the songs. If you spliced the two films together, you’d have a perfect movie, but I guess Disney has to pump out two films to get to that dollar dollar bills. Also Elsa wears a few different outfits in this film and I expect to see horny incels making rule 34 drawings within the week.

7 War(ter) Horses out of 10


“Big summer blow out”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Faberge egg. Now I have your attention. Yes the Faberge egg, what’s Lewis talking about now? Why is he talking about eggs? I came here for his honest opinions on the hit Disney film ‘Frozen’ and he’s mentioning eggs! Well the reason I said that is because a Faberge egg is how I’m summing up this film. Doesnt make sense now but It will.

Frozen, the 2013 hit animated film that brought Disney back to its roots with a musical adventure for the whole family to get sick of because they’ve heard the songs over and over. Once upon a time there were two sisters, Anna and Elsa ( Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel). Elsa has the gift of being able to summon ice at her will. When Anna is injured in an Elsa shooting ice out her hand incident, Elsa is forced to stay locked away to not harm anyone with her powers ever again. Once the day of Elsa coronation arrives, she leaves the room shes been locked in for years and steps in front of the town for the first time to take her place on the throne. Her powers become uncontrollable and she accidentally sends the town into a harsh winter. Elsa flees the town to isolate herself from anyone and Anna chases after her to get her to stop the horrific winter that is now destroying the town. Or something along them lines.

Frozen was the film that brought Dinsey back into the limelight. Before that Dinsey was pumping out films that no one really cared about like ‘Mars needs moms’ (if that’s someones favourite film I do apologise). This is all of course excluding when they collaborated with Pixar. Frozen brought back the musical aspect to their films by creating a soundtrack that would be sung worldwide over and over and over again. I’m not ashamed to say that I know all the words to ‘Let it go’ because even though you may say that you’re sick of it, you cant help but admit that they song hits hard. All the songs are stupidly catchy and I could nod my head along to all of them. This formula for adding catchy songs back in clearly worked because now every Disney film has songs in it like Moana and Coco, and I’m loving it.

Songs are great, but how about the girls singing it, let’s head over to the sisters in the spotlight, Anna and Elsa. Anna I feel is a character designed to be relatable by every girl between 9 and 18, she loves food, stays indoors all the time and wakes up with her hair all over the place. Everything she did felt like it was written to be as relatable as possible, sprinkle in some social anxiety and you’ve got an average tumblr user. She falls in love with a prince named Hans who she met that day. They even get themselves engaged on the same day because they sung a song together. Shes sweet and lacks connection from her sister Elsa who has been locked in her room for years, literal years. Elsa is the shy, sad one because she under constant fear of people seeing her hidden power. I feel as though a lot of people think they’re Anna but in reality they are more like Elsa. Both of them are acted really well and both characters both go along their own journeys of self discovery by helping eachother in a very sisterly fashion.

Following along the story of Anna doing everything she can to help Elsa is helped with the friends Anna makes along the way. We have Kristoff, the local ice man (not a man made of ice but a man who sells ice). We have Olaf, the local ice man (not a man who sells ice but a man made of ice). Lastly we have Sven, Kristoffs trusty steed who’s a reindeer. These 3 companions hell Anna get to Elsa who has hidden herself away in a ice castle that she made. They go to her to show her that she is loved and she doesnt have to hide away who she truly is, she can be happy. All of the characters bring their own brand of humour to the story which is great to see. Normally the humour all blends together but in this film is all seemed separated from eachother so it created some great laugh out loud moments. Other than these characters I’ve mentioned, theres no characters that feel alive. There are a lot of side characters but they just dont really have that alive factor that you normally get with Disney films which is something I’ll talk about more in a moment. Actually no let’s talk about it now, makes sense to.

My problem with Frozen is that it feels dead or atleast empty. Normally with Dinsye films, every single aspect of the story and characters and everything just feels alive but for some reason, this just feels empty. It’s hard to pi point exactly what parts of this film make it feel this way but theres something missing from the overal experience that just doesnt sit right. Actually one example I’d say is the background characters or extras as they’re called. It seemed to me that the animation used for the extras has bout half the effort put into it so they just dont look right in the scene with Anna or Elsa and makes the whole scene feel unreal and empty. It’s such a strange feeling because on the surface this is a gorgeous films in terms of animation, the story is original and the songs are amazing. So why does a film that have everything feel so empty. Almost like a Faberge egg. There we go, we got to it, case closed.

Overall I feel this is a super creative, original film. Also I might be going completely off here but I feel the whole story is an allegory for depression. Watch the film and make your own assumptions to the moral of a story, but at the end of the day it’s about a girl who locks herself away in her room and doesnt want anyone to see her true self. She feels safer and more free when shes isolated and is afraid to let people show her love. In the end she is shown that she is loved and that approaching her problems with the help of others makes her feel better. Maybe I’m looking to much I to a film that has loads of butt jokes but that’s how it feels.

It’s great of the outside but is definitely missing that usual Disney flair. Let’s just hope they bring more spirit to the sequel. I also hope they go a different direction with Elsa and taken some Inspirstion from the rule 34 artwork that’s on reddit.

7 Midsommar Flashbacks out of 10

When the Wind Blows

“It’s called, ‘Mega Death’ I think, so many millions people dead per bang…any ketchup dear?”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Life…… BOOOOOOOM….. GONE……. decent……..laughter…….destruction……..hope….damaged curtains.

That was my little slam poetry that I was inspired to write after watching this film about a nuclear bomb hitting England. I cant tell what was more explosive, the bomb itself or the David Bowie song written specifically for this films cause both hit judt as hard!

‘When the Wind Blows’ is directed by the same people behind ‘The Snowman’, the film with the song that people try and sing but cant I less someone hits their nutsack with a crochet mallet. This film takes a slightly more dark approach with a story of nuclear war and follows a naive, old couple, Jim and Hilda Bloggs ( played by John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft). The two follow the instructions on a government panflet to construct a shelter to withstand the nuclear blast. After the bomb arrives, the two must adapt to the new way of living with foggy skies and milk not being delivered to their front door every morning.

I feel less human after watching this film because it felt so real and so human that I actually forgot that these cartoon characters weren’t real people. This is a british film and possibly as british as it can possibly get! Everything about this film screams british and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. The humour of watching this lovely old couple, bumble about as they prepare for nuclear warfare is dry and heartwarming. Mr and Mrs Bloggs are your typical old couple. They discuss what they’ve seen throughout the day, they worry about the washing not being in and they listen to the radio with dinner. Jim is doing research into the war that is about to spark at any second and takes every precaution to ensure his and Hildas safety, by constructing possibly the most unsafe shelter I have seen, but hey! It worked, they survive. Their relationship is strong and wonderfully acted, I’m not joking when I said forget they weren’t real, the way they talk and how they say it is just mindblowingly to what it must be like to be a fly on the wall in an old married couples house. Its rich and full of life with the way they talked to each other they it never made for a dull moment. They are just the cutest couple as well! What other couple would cut a fruit pastille in half?? No one I see on the internet, that’s for damn sure.

The whole film takes place within their home with the exception of a couple of scenes out and about to look at the aftermath of this horrific bomb that mustve killed millions of people. In the short 84 minute run time, I became one with his house, I felt like I knew the layout and could navigate it with my eyes closed. The house is presented in a strange way I must add, let’s discuss the animation. Being an animated film, quite a lot of it is animated, makes sense right? The animation style is a mixture between 2D cartoon and 3D stop animation to create the scenery. Although a lot of the time this is done incredibly well, there were moments when this being uber jarring to the eyes, especially when elements of the 3D stopmotion interacted with the 2D characters. Although a lot of the time it was pretty, especially when the bomb explodes and the house turn into a mess.

Talking of mess, Hilda is a clean freak so the moment the bomb goes off shes wanting out of the shelter so she can clean the curtains. Honestly the naivety of the two of them during this horrific event is hilarious. I could not choose a quite to pick for the name of the review because there were so many classic lines that had me laughing out loud that it was a tough one to decide. The delivery of the dry, british humour is excuted better than a prison of war by a man with a very sharp machete. I felt this is a film that would shoot over ants head who isnt British, it just has that tone that no one would really understand. Taking place all in one location, this film relies on the humour keep you captivated and it is such a fine art that it wors in this case but I feel with some people, if the humour didnt hit with them then it may make for a dull experience. Personally I thought it was wonderful.

Overall this film is a powerful message about the effects of nuclear warfare on old people and how they deal with their best cushions being ripped in the blast. It’s a charmer, a heart warmer, a rib tickler, it has it all, even hitler makes an appearance so if you’re into hitler then I would not give this a miss.

7.5 Litter Trays out of 10

Bee Movie

“Bees have never afraid to change the world. I mean, what about Bee Columbus, Bee Ghandi, Bee-Jesus?”

Review by Lewis Goodall

We all know Bee movie. Bee Movie tells the age old tale of Barry B Benson (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld who also wrote the film which explains everything) who has graduated Bee school with straight B’s. It’s not his chance to pick a job in the honey making industry which he must do for the remainder of his days. Finding out that he will be forced into this slavery of honey making he decides that his destiny lies outside the hive. Whilst out of the hive he meets a female companion vanessa (voiced by Renée Zellweger) who he builds a relationship with. Barry discovers that the human race has been stealing honey and makes the only logical decision to sue the human race.

Why is this film so incredibly, unironically amazing. It’s taken me this long to watch this film and I am ashamed of myself for taking this long. As I mentioned the film is mainly written by Jerry Seinfeld and the amount of bee puns crammed into this film is impressive, whilst also being self aware of how ridiculous the situation is. By the writing I would be convinced that this film was written for adults, it’s an animation and all but I feel the majority of the jokes definitely cater towards the parents who would be watching this with their children. Theres jokes about bees of course but also sex jokes, racist jokes and suicide jokes. All cleverly (if that’s the right word to use) woven into the writing to be unnoticed most of the time but I really found myself laughing out loud. Especially when vanessa first starts talking to Barry, unsure if shes in a dream or not she stabs herself in her hand with a fork and it all happened so first I had to rewind a few times so it could make me laugh over and over. It’s a film that people wouldn’t believe if you just explained it, you have to see if for yourself.

The scene in which the trial commences between the bees and the humans gold, the lawyer for the humans (voiced by the intense John Goodman) is so goofy, in fact that’s pretty much how I would sum up the film, it’s just goofy and ridiculous. The lawyer is the best in the business and realising that he’s losing the case. He manages to get Barry’s friend Adam (voiced by Matthew Broderick) to sting him on the arse to which a ballet of over the top telling and screaming comes out of the lawyer to convince the jury that the bees are evil. Of course stinging the lawyer was deadly so Adam is put in a full sized hospital bed and they replace his lost stinger with a plastic cocktail sword. I’m going far too in depth with saying it’s like a ballet, I’m just trying to sound fancy but the whole scene is just so much nonsense, I loved it.

This film isn’t a masterpiece, it’s far from it but it’s a fun easy watch, I was genuinely laughing out loud with the absurdity of what was happening so I think it just needed a short and sweet shout out because I couldn’t not talk about this film. I’m just wondering when its socially acceptable to watch it again.

7 Jazz pick up lines out of 10