Under the Silver Lake

“That’s as common as tits and hamburgers”

Review by Lewis Goodall

I feel bad for this film because I put off watching it for so long. Not for any reason other than I saw how long the film was and was put off. One time I was in the mind set of watching it so I read the back and it mentioned Donnie Darko and I ended up watching that instead so yesterday I thought “come on Lewis, watch the damn film”. I’ve been sitting on this film for months and now I’ve watched it, I think my brain knew to put it off for a while.

Under the Silver Lake, directed by David Robert Mitchell, same director as ‘It Follows’. Sam (Andrew Garfield), an awkward young man living in LA, spots a mysterious woman swimming in the apartment complex swimming pool. After spending the night together and promising to meet the next day, he discovers that she has mysterious vanished with all her possessions. Sam sets off on a woman scavenger hunt to figure out what happened to mystery girl.

I want to thank this film because it made me watch Donnie Darko which has recently become one of my favourites. The back said that this film is Donnie Darko-esqe and I semi see where they’re coming from. It certainly has the same mystery aspect of there being multiple mysteries but what this film lacks is any kind of answer. Atleast I didnt get any answers after my first watch, I’m assuming it’s one that you have to see a few times to really appreciate all the mysteries and to delve in to find them but with a two and a half hour run time it’s just effort.

This films main idea is the idea of conspiracy theories and finding clues to lead to an overall conclusion. The typical thing of playing music backwards to find satanic subliminal messages that make you buy more coke and that sort of thing. I’m assuming this film is filled with them as that’s in main idea but yuck, effort to watch over and over. The film is visually gorgeous, you can tell a lot of effort went Into the style and the cinematography to make this a unique film, I certainly cannot deny it that. Just the style and everything I love. Look at the photo below, that womans characters is incredible, she always has a red balloon which i’m sure is a clue to something but even if it isn’t its cool nonetheless.

Seems to be that every aspect apart from the story is good. The story just seemed all over the place and the end offered no real ending so it was just super unsatisfying. Like I said earlier though I’m sure there’s many little details that you can try and work out and I’ll certainly watch it again to see if I can figure it out but on one viewing like most audiences will do, it’ll just leave the viewer a bit empty. This is a film for the conspiracy nuts online, other than that it’s a hard one to recommend.

Overall, if you like nice looking films then I will probably say go ahead, also if you like films where the main character cant easily count then this is one for you too. Unless you’re ready to watch this film over and over then I’d probably walk past it when you’re in HMV. Plus there’s a side story about a dog killer, who wants to see that? Dog killers probably, if you’re a dog killer then I highly recommend this film

5.5 Landing Squirrels out of 10