Lords of Chaos

“I’m Euronymous, founder of Mayhem, the most infamous Black Metal band in the world”

Review by Lewis Goodall

What have you done that’s metal, huh? What’s the most bad ass thing you’ve done? I can guarantee that it’s not that metal, unless you’re Ozzy Osbourne then hi, not sure why you’re reading this but in a big fan, not really but I’m just saying because I’m a bit starstruck right now. Ozzy Osbourne snorted fire ants but it’s not as metal as a heavy metal band who used their band members suicide photos as their album cover, now that’s metal.

Lords of Chaos, directed by Jonas Äkerlund, is the true/not so true telling of the birth of Norwegian black death metal music. Euronymous (Rory Culkin), starts his band Mayhem with a couple of friends in the hope to be the most metal band in the world. As they continue to try and outdo their own metal ways, it quickly spirals out of control into am explosion of violence and crime.

This film got me hooked from the very beginning, I was a tired fish being reeled in. About halfway up to the surface the fishermen just got distracted and wasn’t really paying attention to reeling me in anymore. As a fish I became pretty uninterested in being caught. This is my analogy for Lords of Chaos, its has a lot of promise at the beginning and then it’s sort of Peter’s out towards the end when I thought this was going to transcend darker and darker.

The start of this film is almost Edger Wright-ish with its approach to editing and its comedy. It got a couple of chuckles out of me and a few editing transitions that really caught my attention and I knew I was gonna be In for a ride. Right off the bat, at the beginning we get one of the darker moments in the film which really sets the ball off rolling early. I’ll spoil it because it needs to be talked about, skip to the next paragraph if you do want all the gory details wink wink. So at the beginning the band hire a Swedish guy as a lead vocalist. He’s dark and unpredictable which made it exciting to watch. He then Kurt Cobain’s himself in his bedroom and its brutal. From that moment the tone was set but in reality that was kind of where it ended.

The band get a new fan called Krisitian (Emory Cohen) who tries to prove his metal to the band. Once he proves his loyalty by burning down a church, they accept him into their circle. It was at this point the chaos ensued. The acting overall is alright. Rory Culkin was the star for sure wheres everyone else was sub par. Must run in the family, quite the opposite style of film, his brother starring in a beloved Christmas film and then Rory is in a film where they burn down churches and make necklaces out of human skulls (whoops, spoilers). It seems like the story would’ve been better as a short story, it seemed to drag on for a bit long with the end not really being a rewarding pay off.

Overall I still enjoyed this film. I’m not a fan of the devils music but watching the dynamic of the band slowly decay as each of them attempt to outdo each other with their crimes was pretty good. I just wished they carried on the same amount of darkness as what happened in the first half an hour, the best character was out of there before they had a chance to shine. It’s like Ed Stark in game of thrones all over again 😦

6.5 Death Huff Bags out of 10