“Three grown men… outsmarted by a mouse”

Review by Lewis Goodall

Right, before I start I just need to grab some tissues. Looking back at this movie is gonna bring back memories and make me cry all over again so at parts you may just have to give me a minute to recollect.

The Green Mile, directed by Frank Darabont, based off a Novel by Stephen King, takes us to death row. The lives of the guards on death row are changed forever when their latest inmate gets brought in, a mountain of a man thats in for the crime of raping and killing two children. The lives are changed when this mountain shows off his mysterious gift.

This film broke me… before this film I didn’t cry at films, I was just a robot, void of emotions but this…. oh boy I was streaming down my face. Now this is a long film, its three hours long so it really has the time for you to get invested into all the characters and to build bonds with all of them, all that’s the killer factor of this film and what it does best. This film feels different to others in terms of building that bond because it has a pretty small cast, there’s only a handful of people in the film so each one is vivid enough to bring something to the story.

Tom Hanks is in this film, therefore instantly declaring it a masterpiece because he is sensationally in everything he does. Tom is the main Guard of the Green Mile (what they call the death row building), and he is accompanied by 3 – 4 other guards that help him look after the place. A new recruit joins the guards to get a piece of the action that goes on in death row. He stirs up the whole dynamic with a twisted, sadistic mindset that doesn’t sit well with the rest of the guards. This new guard is a twat basically.

There is honestly too much to talk about with this film and all of it would just be me praising it in every single way. The way the music perfectly works alongside all the emotions flowing through the cells blocks. The differences in personalities between the inmates, some being calm and collected and one being bat shit noodle crazy fart. Its one of those films that has all the pieces put so perfectly together to create a journey. Seeing the justice system at work and how some of these men can change. One of the inmates really feels as though they don’t belong there, they’re too sweet to be on death row, let the man walk.

Just before I get onto the overall, There is a supernatural aspect to this film which i really wasn’t expecting the first time I watched it so just a heads up. I know that’s not really important I just felt like adding it just so you don’t watch it an get put off by a man with Bugs swarming out his mouth. It’s incredible I promise.

Overall this is a short review because I cant handle the emotional PTSD I’m getting. This is just a touching film that will take your heart and brutalise it like a rottweiler with a baby. Its has incredible characters, writing, cinematography, everything, its a masterpiece so although you’ll need a bucket to catch the tears, its very very very much worth it, just have a bottle of water to rehydrate yourself after.

9.5 Mouse Villes out of 10

The Green Mile

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